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Whether you’ve been in therapy for years, or new to the process, teletherapy can raise many questions. I want to help you answer them.

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy, also referred to as video, virtual, or remote therapy, is therapy conducted online. At Insight Online Therapy, my sessions are conducted using SimplePractice, a HIPAA-compliant platform, which is secure and easy to use.

How does teletherapy work?

Prior to our first meeting, I will send you an email with intake paperwork and a meeting invitation that includes a link to our session. On the date and time of our appointment, you will simply open your phone or computer, click on this link, and log into the session.


If for some reason your internet connection is unstable or our telesession is otherwise unable to run smoothly, we will transition to Google Meet or a Google Voice phone session, both of which are also HIPAA-compliant and secure.


Prior to our first session, I will review basic guidelines with you to ensure that you are comfortable using these various teletherapy platforms.

Is teletherapy right for me?

Teletherapy is a great option for clients who face typical barriers to traditional, in-office therapy, such as location and accessibility, lack of convenient appointment times, and privacy concerns. It is also an excellent option for “therapy veterans” who are familiar with the therapeutic process and want to continue their practice from the comfort of their home.

Who is teletherapy not for?

Generally, teletherapy is not an ideal option for individuals actively struggling with acute drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, or self-harming tendencies. Because teletherapy sessions require a stable internet connection and a quiet, private place to meet for your sessions, teletherapy may also be unfit for individuals living in shared spaces with unreliable internet service.

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