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Meet Katie


Hi, I’m Katie. I’m a driven professional, grounded empath, and a dedicated daughter, sister, friend, and animal-mom.

My Journey to Therapy


I’ve always had a passion for helping others, but after graduating college, was at a loss for how to do so in my career. Then, in my mid-20s, I experienced a personal tragedy that reoriented my life and forced me to reset my priorities. Above all, I realized that I needed time and space to process my grief and adapt my life to a new reality. I found a therapist and was relieved to learn that therapy allowed me to speak freely and without fear of judgment about my sadness and anxiety, as well as my uncertainty about the future. Through my own therapy journey, I learned a lot about myself, my family, and my own behavioral patterns. This, in turn, allowed me to make better decisions for my life and career.


As I spent more time healing in therapy, I realized that becoming a therapist would allow me to support others while also tapping into my natural strengths. My hope is to give to my clients what I received from therapy: security, resilience, and clarity about that which holds you back, so that you can make informed, thoughtful decisions and begin to move your life forward.

My Education

  • Master of Social Work, New York University (2010)

  • Bachelor of Arts, Brooklyn College (2006)


My Training

  • Certified Telebehavioral Health Practitioner, Telebehavioral Health Institute (2019)

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, Adelphi University (2018)

  • Certified Clinical Supervisor, National Association of Social Workers, Virginia Chapter (2017)

  • EMDR Training & Consultation, Adelphi University (2016-2017)

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Assessment and Diagnosis, New York University (2016)

  • Certification in Cognitive Processing Therapy, Veterans Health Administration (2016)           

  • Certificate in Basic Psychodynamic Therapy, Training Institute for Mental Health (2014–2015)

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